A laundry and dry cleaning service provider serving Central London and surrounding areas.

We are a company who specialise in garment care. Our clientele predominantly consist of corporate customers such as Hotels, Restaurants, private clubs and Serviced Apartments. The services offered are Same Day, Next Day, and Express, Laundry and Dry Cleaning.

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To arrange a collection, please fill out the form below. Once submitted, a member of the team will confirm your collection and you will receive a confirmation e-mail thereafter.

All enquiries will be responded to within a 30 minute period of being received. However, if you require a more urgent response, we would encourage you to contact us on 0208 963 1091.

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Our services


Hotels are a specialised area for our company. We offer specific services tailored around the needs of luxury hotels in London. These services include both guest and staff uniform laundry and dry cleaning. For guests specifically we typically offer a morning to midday collection for delivery in the evening with an additional express service. The express service allows for laundry collected in the morning to be returned by midday and laundry collected by midday returned in the evening similarly. Many clients value the availability of the express service but this option does typically involve a surcharge to regular prices.

In terms of linen, our services are limited although we do offer linen services to some extent. Sylvia Grey is orientated towards garment care more than it is towards linen care and as a company we believe it is important to focus on what we thrive to maintain our brand image. With that being stated, our clients are still offered linen services that we find we are able to cater and so some flexibility is available.


The restaurant and dining sector follows on from our services provided to hotels. We provide laundry and dry cleaning services to restaurants predominantly for staff uniforms, ranging from suits to general chef wear. Our expertise allow us to achieve industry defining quality in chef wear which our clients would agree.

Private Clubs

Clubs constitute of a high-end, distinctive service – we provide industry-defining quality of service for staff uniforms, especially those requiring specialist treatment. From special events to standard uniforms for daily use, we have everything covered.

As with other client types, private clubs are offered a more tailored service based upon their needs and requirements. We endeavour to provide exactly what is needed by our clients to ensure their uniforms remain looking their best.


Many high street fashion retailers sometimes develop the need for laundry and dry cleaning services for items which have been soiled and this is where Sylvia Grey step in. We have recognised the needs for our services for different types of trade clients and have adapted the services we offer accordingly. Our retail clients are offered more of an on-call service, where they inform us that they require our services after which we collect what they have, clean it, and deliver it back to them as desired.

A few examples of the services we provide have been stated. However, we are constantly looking to expand into other areas where our company would be a great fit. If you feel that you have an opportunity for us, for which our currently offered services do not relate, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to see what we can do!

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Sylvia Grey was established in 1979. It began, and remains true to its mission of specialising in garment care for trade clients.

The differentiating factor between Sylvia Grey and any other laundry and dry cleaning service provider is our history. Sylvia Grey started on the basis of providing an unbeatable quality guarantee and was the first company in the industry to provide a 7 day service. Unlike other companies, we specialise in providing services to trade clients alone. Having identified the opportunity of operating on a 7 day basis, the journey and take-off of Sylvia Grey began.

It was not long until the corporate world began to notice Sylvia Grey. Realising early success, it was decided to differentiate even further. Sylvia Grey became the first company to offer an express laundry and dry cleaning service. This service enabled clients to benefit from receiving processed garments back to them within a matter of hours.

However, it was not the services alone which were being recognised, it was the quality of the service provided. Our team take the utmost care in handling each and every garment through its journey at our facilities. We employ the latest technology in conjunction with traditional cleaning and pressing methods to ensure that quality is not compromised by any means. This is our USP and is exactly what we and our clients value.


Our headquarters in Park Royal, West London, provide great access to the City of London and surrounding areas. Our designated drivers collect and deliver laundry and dry cleaning in a timely and convenient manner to suit the requirements of our clients. We remain open to any appraised requirements and maintain flexibility within our services.

As a company we believe it is crucial to maintain the notion of excellence throughout our operations. For this very reason, each and every step of our value chain has been given extensive consideration. Our goal is to provide the best possible service in the industry.

We employ a fleet of vans, differing in sizes, to ensure that the quality of the service we provide remains consistent through transportation while providing flexibility to our clients wherever applicable.

The machinery employed within our facilities is state-of-the-art. Sankosha, JLA, and Renzacci are namely a few notable brands which can be recognised throughout our workspace. We believe that investing in the best of the latest technologies reflects enhanced quality in the services we provide.


A labour intensive industry such as the one in which we operate requires our workforce to be distinguishable from our competitors.

Our selection process is designed around the values of our business and the requirements of the role itself. We recruit individuals who we feel will be the best fit for our company. Having outlined the mission of the brand itself, we believe it is imperative that the ambassadors of our brand are able to sufficiently back what we stand for.

Development is of great focus at Sylvia Grey. We strive to develop our employees to not only ensure that they are great at what they do, but so that they are flexible to other roles. In the dynamic environment of our business and the industry in which we operate,  flexibility is extremely important and we like to ensure that our staff are ready to perform at their best no matter what the situation. Our clients have the highest of expectations and our expectations exceed these.

To find out more about us, please get in touch via the contact page. Pre-arranged tours of our facilities can be organised so that you can get a closer feel for what we are all about.

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For all enquiries, e-mail info@sylviagrey.co.uk or telephone 0208 963 1091.

Alternatively, fill in the contact form below. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours.